Cow cuddling

Koe knuffelen  Kalf  koeien

Cow Hugging or Cow Cuddling is known as a remedy against stress. In Holland (Voorst) our cows not only give healthy milk, they also give us Mindfulness Therapy against stress.

Watch the movie on You Tube here: Cow Hugging, a new remedy

Program workshop cow cuddling (“cow-munication”)
You are welcomed with coffee / tea and delicious cake for functional ‘unwind-tips’.

While strolling and chatting, you will learn the basics of our existence. Who was there first: the cow or calf, the chicken or the egg …… Among the cows your right brain half is stimulated to develop your intuition. Because innovation arises from creativity….And innovation is of great importance in solving complex problems.

After this you will learn the language of the cow, so you know what the cow appreciates and what she doesn’t like. You will experience what it means to rest your body against 700 kg of 39 degrees Celsius. The acquaintance with the animals is often accepted with mutual gratitude, the cows hug back!

Afterwards you can enjoy a snack and a drink so you return home with a warm spirit and body.

Cow-munication originated in Hof Noord Empe and is now known beyond our country borders because Cow-munication inspires communication without violence for a healthy cooperation, happy family, friends and associates.

What does it mean to be allowed to rest against 700 kg of 39 degrees Celsius? The contact with the animals is often felt as an intense experience that will last long afterwards in everyday life. Fears can be overcome to make room for new insights.

The workshop shows harmony, safety and creativity, in which the internal human being is not forgotten.

Advice for clothing: warm and comfortable. Clothes that can stand a good deal.

Everyone will receive overalls and boots. Bring warm socks!

  • costs per person: € 47.50
  • 3 hours of cow cuddling
  • Incl. coffee/tea, cake, materials, beverages and snacks

Extra possibilities:

  • brunch € 16 per person
  • pamper-lunch € 18.50 per person
  • dinner € 27.50 per person

Actually, anything is possbile. Just give us a call or drop us an email for all the possibilites. 

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